The Harms of Abortion

Surgical abortion is an action that surgically kills a baby while she is growing in her mother’s womb. 

Different methods can be used depending on the age of the baby. Click here for more information on surgical abortions.



Chemical abortion is an action that chemically kills a baby either before or after she implants in her mother’s womb.

Post-implantation chemical abortion is primarily caused by a drug regimen known as RU-486. Click here for more information on chemical abortions. 




Birth control can not only cause early chemical abortions—before a woman even realizes she’s pregnant—it also poses major health threats to women.

Although the Pill and other forms of hormonal contraception work primarily by preventing ovulation, these methods of birth control also thin the lining of a woman’s uterus, preventing a newly conceived child from implanting in his or her mother’s womb. The number of pre-implantation chemical abortions that occur this way each year probably exceeds the number of typical surgical and chemical abortions. Click here for more information on the harms of contraception.